Wedding Help For Grooms in Charleston SC

If you need assistance with planning the perfect proposal we’re happy to help with ideas.

Traditional Roles for the Groom and His Family

The groom and his family are responsible for corsages and boutonnieres for immediate members for both families and groomsmen, the lodging of the groom’s attendants (the lodging is not required but a nice gesture).  They are responsible for hosting and paying all the costs of the rehearsal dinner. The groom is traditionally expected to pay for the marriage license and officiant’s fees, as well as the wedding rings and a gift to give to her the night before the wedding after the wedding rehearsal.  The groom should also purchase gifts for his groomsmen to give out at the Rehearsal Dinner the day before the wedding. The honeymoon expenses are typically his and his families.

Modern Day Rules of Who Pays for What

It’s becoming more common place today that couples are either paying for their own wedding or at least a good portion, especially if they have lived on their own for some time and have careers.  Of course, most parents often want to pitch in and help to pay even if the couple is planning to pay for their own wedding. Contributions from parents should be discussed according to willingness and ability of the parents before the planning begins so that a realistic budget can be set.  There are also some brides parents that insist on paying for the entire wedding even if their daughter and future son-in-law would like to contridute to the wedding.

The Purpose of the Engagement Party

Traditionally, the bride’s parents or family friends (although in today’s world the groom’s family can also host) the engagement party for the couple.  The purpose is to welcome the groom into his future family and introduce friends and extended family to the groom and his family and friends. Although this isn’t a requirement, it can be a wonderful way to get future wedding guests together to establish a rapport before the big wedding day so people know each other a little better.

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